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How to Make Your Ex Jealous Without Messing Up

I get asked the question, “How do I make my ex jealous?” everyday. If you have recently gone through a break up, making your Ex jealous is one tactic you can use to win them back. It’s another of those counter-intuitive things about human nature. People simply don’t like it when they see someone else ‘finding better use’ for something they just discarded. It makes them feel foolish.  Chances therefore are that your Ex will feel jealous – and want you back – if you make him or her feel jealous.

Jealousy memeBut jealousy is a tricky emotion. It can make your Ex want you back real badly or it can make them hate you. The difference is not in what you do but in how you do it. Quite simply, whatever you do to make your Ex jealous must look and feel natural. If he or she gets the slightest impression that you are faking it or pretending, they will be disgusted. Or start pitying you. Either way you will have greatly reduced your attractiveness and that’s the last thing you want. Don’t be caught in that trap.

Playing The Jealousy Card Against Your Ex Subtly

The usual relationship advice about playing the jealous card against your Ex is that you should start dating. That’s ok. In fact, nothing causes more jealousy in your Ex than the feeling that someone else is about to take their place. But remember that your Ex knows you pretty well. They know what kind of girls or guys you like. Your friends know that too. So, choose carefully who you are seen out with. If your Ex believes you like a certain type of girls of guys, then you are seen with the very opposite of that type, you are in trouble. It will look like you are so desperate you are now taking whatever comes your way. Your friends will think the same thing.

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So go on and have dates. But please stay within your known character if the plan is to win back your Ex. Go out only with the sort of people your Ex knows – or just thinks – you like. Another thing: going out on dates is not the same thing as sleeping around. One is a good boost to your attractiveness; the other is a lousy put off.  So, again, if the plan is to get your Ex back, you have to be careful. Go on dates but keep it casual. Don’t sleep around – especially if that is why your Ex left you in the first place. You want to make your Ex jealous, not confirm to them how right they were to dump you.

A green eye to signify jealousy.The same rule applies on your use of social media to make your ex jealous. First off, don’t de-friend your ex on facebook. You don’t want to look bitter. Let them be the ones to do it, if at all. Then, do not suddenly start posting saucy updates if that was not your style before. Or splashing photos of you and lots of beautiful people partying yet you never did that when you were with your Ex. Anyone who knows you, your Ex being first on the line, will think you are having trouble coping with the break up.  Instead, post updates that show you are still yourself but you are having some fun. Like the occasional mention of a party without too much detail and the occasional photo, especially if it has people you and your Ex both know. That shows you are up and about and pretty much in control of your life.

Then, and this is where you will make your Ex go green with jealousy, make sure to comment – again without too much detail – on social media posts of any date you have been out with recently. The idea is to have your dates do the bragging to your Ex on your behalf. If a girl or guy you were out with last evening posts something about how much fun it was being with, that is better than a hundred posts about the same evening by you. Only you get to do it add a short comment, like “thanks, loved your company too. We must do it again” and your Ex will be dying to ask you who the hell is that?

So there you have it. If you want to make your Ex jealous, spice up your image without looking fake, desperate or out of control.

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