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How to Tell If Your Ex Wants You Back

If you have been trying to rekindle your relationship with your Ex, you may be wondering if it’s really working. You observed the 30-day no-contact period and you have recently made the initial contact as explained in our article on rekindling your Ex’s attraction. But you are getting mixed signals. Or you are getting no signal at all. What then? Below is a list of 5 signals that will tell if you your ex wants you back.

5 Signals That Your Ex Will Take You Back

Traffic light.First is to recognize when you are getting positive signals. There are five major kinds of signals that you should look out for. Check them out:

  • If your Ex gets in touch in the 30 day no contact period, that’s an obvious signal that they want you back. It’s the best signal you can hope for, really, because it means your Ex is already regretting the breakup. But don’t jump at it. Respond politely and briefly, and unless your Ex literally comes back to you apologizing, go on and have your 30 day time out. For details on why the time out is so important, see our article on it here.

  • If your Ex shows any sign of jealousy, that’s another good signal. So keep doing whatever is making her or him jealous. Stroke the fire. But if you are still on the 30 days no-contact period, stay away from your Ex. Only make contact and begin wooing her or him back if you are ready.

  • If, after you finally make first contact, your Ex responds warmly, that’s perfect. That’s the whole point of making the contact so now go right ahead and jump at the opportunity. That means moving things to the next level as explained in our final article in this series, flirting with your Ex and rekindling sexuality.

  • If your ex wants to meet, that’s another good signal. How you respond, however, depends on what stage of recovery you are in. If you are still in your 30-day time out period, politely refuse to meet. You don’t want to appear too eager or too easy, plus you are in no state to handle your Ex. If, however, you have already made contact, go right ahead and meet.

  • If your Ex keeps being seen with gifts you gave her or stuff that she or he knew were your favorite, that’s a subtle signal they are still into you.  If your Ex’s facebook collection still has your photos, you are still in play. Again, deal with it depending on what stage of recovery you are in.

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What to Do If You Are Getting Mixed Signals From Your Ex

Time. That is the golden rule of handling mixed signals from your Ex. Do not panic; do not be quick to pass judgment. Even if you get no signal at all, like no response to your text messages, give it some time.

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This is because getting no response from your Ex – or getting mixed signals – is not the same thing as getting a bad signal. It could be that your Ex is still working the confidence to respond. That is usually the reason behind no signal. Or it might be that your Ex is in the 50-50 country – still agonizing over whether to get back to you or not. Mixed signals are the common indicator of this state. It simply means your Ex is torn between leaving you for good and taking you back. Depending on the reason
why the breakup happened, the agonizing can take time. But until you get unmistakable signal that it’s really over, you still have a chance so hang in there.

Have no doubt on one thing: if your Ex really has made up the decision never to be with you again, you will know. They will tell you sooner or later in no uncertain terms. So, be realistic and be prepared for that possibility. But until then, you are still in the game.

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