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Make Your Ex Realize They Made A Mistake

You have probably read somewhere that you can get your Ex to want you back by avoiding them for a while after a break up. You may have also heard that, during that period, you can make your Ex want you back by making them jealous. Like by going out, having dates and generally looking like you are having a ball without them. It is good advice as you can see in our article on how the technique of not contacting your Ex works.

Ryan Lochte attracting the ladies.But have no illusions: winning back your Ex after a breakup is neither easy nor straightforward. It is not as simple as making them jealous, although that is part of it. Think about it: your Ex left you for a reason – even if it was not a good reason in your view. People just don’t wake up one morning and dump people they love. That means that if you are to get her or him back you have to be tactical. For instance if your Ex left you because they thought you were cheating on them, would it help your cause if you now started being seen with a different date every other day? Maybe, but it might also look like a confirmation to your Ex that they were right. So, if you really want to get the love of your life back, why take the risk?

The trick is to make your Ex jealous and increasingly less sure of their decision to leave you – but without overdoing it. It’s about increasing your attractiveness, not about having fun and letting go. About making your ex miss you and start having second thoughts without creating the impression that you never cared about them all that time you were together.

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How To Get Back Your Ex By Improving Your Attractiveness

Human nature is such that people want what is hard to get. When it comes to love, that means people want the people who seem popular. Your Ex will therefore sit up and notice if you look like you are getting popular with other potential lovers. That means you should not hide away after being dumped. You must leave the house, go out, meet people, enjoy yourself.  It will help repair your bruised ego and build your confidence. Even get a new hobby, if you can. It will introduce you to new people and new knowledge, both of which will boost your confidence.

A hot woman working out.That also means that it’s ok to have casual dates. But you need to be careful here if the plan is get your Ex back. Meet new potential flames and by all means have a good time with them. But make sure it all remains at the getting-to-know each other casual level. The idea is to make your Ex feel that you might move on soon, not that you have already moved on. Plus you don’t want to use other people merely to make your Ex jealous. Besides, you can always take things to the next level later, when you are finally sure you want to move on.

Also keep in mind that you are doing all this to become more attractive. So do the hard stuff too. Like begin going to the gym if you have been getting big in the wrong places. That might be part of the reason your Ex left you. It’s also good treatment for improving your mood. Exercise increases the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, two brain chemicals that boost good mood.

While you at it, get a new wardrobe. Groom yourself. Have an image makeover. If you are going to charm your Ex back, you need to look and feel your best.

Only then will you be ready for the next very important part of your plan -reconnecting with your Ex.  That is the subject on our next article, How to Start Talking to Your Ex Again.


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